Feeding mix, M-mix

This squirrel hobby feeding mix is developed in cooperation with the members of the squirrel association and is fit for Japanese lis, hudsons and tamiops. For tropical squirrels, the percentage of nuts is too high. With this mix you can keep your squirrels in top condition and give (wild) squirrels a healthy supplement.

To get the best formula, 3 years of study has been done combined with  2 years of testing with more than 40 japanese lissen. The carefully picked variation resembles the food you would find it in nature, gives a good taste and is a suitable source of important nutrients like fibres, vitamins, minerals, fats and animal proteins.

The amount of food that a squirrel needs is dependant on the species, age and health. Keep this product in a cool, dry and dark place.


  1. Hazelnuts (21,3%)

  2. Cedar seeds (16%)

  3. Pine seeds (5%)

  4. Pumpkin seeds (5,5%)

  5. Rose hips (0,15%)

  6. Carob (5,3%)

  7. Variety of sunflower seeds (21,2%)

  8. Corn (0,1%)

  9. Dried fruit and vegetables (10,7%)

  10. Animal proteins like chicken and mealworms (5,5%)

  11. Vitamin pills (1,3%)

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