Milk for squirrels

Sometimes you can get in a situation where you have to nurse a squirrel by hand to adulthood. For example when the mother squirrel is sick or cant give enough milk for a large nest. This milk is suitable for those cases.

According to the manual of 'stichting eekhoornopvang', squirrels in the wild feed their children very frequently. The mother's milk is rich of fats and proteins so that the babies can grow fast and the composition of the mother milk changes as the babies get older. It’s nearly impossible to exactly replicate this composition with self-made milk.

The used formula exist of two different milk powders. By mixing these milk powders the fat and protein level can be nearly identical to the mother milk. Because the composition changes with the babies age, the milk powders will need different ratios depending on the babies age.

The base is called Multi Milk and the addition is called Esbilac. The ratio is:
1 part MultiMilk + 2 parts Esbilac + 6 parts water

what we offer
On this website we offer both kinds of milk: multimilk an esbilac. We also have the option to buy a pre mixed mixture of these 2 kinds of milk powder.

Overview analysis of mother milk and milk powder analysis from mother milk grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and (used) milk powder.

mother milk35,4%47,6%11,8%
Multi Milk with Esbilac32,0%45,0%11,3%




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